Friday, November 15, 2013

Fever Patch plester penurun demam dari Rohto

Fever Patch plester penurun demam dari Rohto - Fever is a symptom of an illness, such as vomiting or coughing, but it is not a disease. Actually, fever in children due to infection in general is small and can be cured by itself. It is difficult also if you previously newlywed couple who recently had a baby. Of course very confusing if my friend is a pair of newlyweds and new also have the baby.

Fever is a condition when body temperature exceeds 37 degree Celcius caused by disease or inflammation. Fever can also be a sign that our antibodies cells (white blood cells) are fighting a virus. Children who have a high temperature due to prolonged high temperature can cause convulsions. Fever in excess of 3 days may be malaria or disease caused by other mosquitoes. Handling the fever usually given antipyretic drugs such acetaminopen class.

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